Prouve RAW Event at Inform Contract

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Inform Contract celebrated G-Star and Vitra’s Canadian exhibit launch of the Prouve RAW Office Collection with some of Vancouver’s most prominent designers, architects, and trade industry professionals.

PruveRAW 10

ProuveRAW4Paul Sjaarda ~ Inform Contract & Cliff Rullow and Adrian Parra ~ Vitra

ProuveRAW8Geoffrey Erickson ~ Erickson Design Collection & Nancy Bendtsen ~ Inform Interiors

ProuveRAW Event1

ProuveRAW12Josh Olson &  Meriah Schultz ~ Inform Interiors

ProuveRAW7Jessica MacDonald, Emma Sims, Kate Snyder ~ Studio Ste Marie

ProuveRAW Event 2Lukas Peet and Caine Heintzman ~ ANDLIGHT

ProuveRAW6Alda Pereira ~ Alda Pereira Design  & Peter Wachowich ~ Ingo Maurer

ProuveRaw5Chad Falkenberg & Kelly Reynolds ~ Falken Reynolds

ProuveRAW 3  Prouve RAW Office Collection  ~  Fauteuil Direction
A big thank you to Railtown Cafe, Blasted Church and to those who came out to celebrate.

Photos by © Michael Young of Millions of Pixels.

For more information on the Prouve RAW Office Edition, please click here