Innovative Interior Design Steps Up Tech Firm Startup

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DIALOG’s Vancouver interior design team recently stepped up to transform the new office of Railtown’s newest up-and-coming tech firm, STAT Search Analytics.

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February 23, 2017

Innovative Interior Design Steps Up Tech Firm Startup

Revitalization of STAT Search Analytics’ Office Makes for Great DIALOG

(Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada): With tech organizations such as Google, Microsoft, and Hootsuite designing offices to entice top tech savvy professionals, how does a young tech firm create an office space to attract top talent without breaking the bank? DIALOG’s Vancouver interior design team recently stepped up to transform the new office of Railtown’s newest up-and-coming tech firm, STAT Search Analytics.

In May 2016, DIALOG’s revitalization of a 10,000 sq. ft. warehouse located at 704 Alexander Street transformed STAT’s new office space to reflect the young, energetic and non-corporate tech firm it is today. Joining Railtown’s ranks of Herschel, Aritzia, DIALOG, Roundhouse Radio, Inform Contract and Jan Kath, to name a few, the marketing analytics company has grown quickly since 2011 to 33 employees today and is projecting 50 by the end of 2017.

“Working with DIALOG has allowed us to create a space that reflects our vision and work culture, and to attract talented people to join us,” says Rob Bucci, CEO of STAT Search Analytics. “Since the move, we’ve seen major improvements in our ability to attract top talent. We’ve also seen our people really step up their already high standards, with every team showing a new level of sophistication and pride in their work. I believe this is a direct result of having an equally sophisticated workspace that inspires them.”

Photos courtesy of Ema Peter

Both STAT and DIALOG agreed the number one design differentiator for this project was the raw, industrial double-height space that provided a clean slate to work with, which is a rarity in Vancouver. The main source of inspiration and concept for the space transpired from STAT’s polygon-based brand graphics, which symbolize a network of ordered information with nodes and points of discovery. These shapes were used as volumes for all the meeting room environments throughout the space, and each form was constructed out of clear finished plywood to match the millwork and keep costs down. STAT also commissioned artwork for their breakout rooms by Vancouver artist Lucien Durey who created works based on historical images sourced from the surrounding East-side neighbourhood.

At STAT people can find quiet spaces to work or flock together for informal meetings. The    2,000 sq. ft. second floor mezzanine is home to the communal social space and eatery, which is fully kitted out with a beer and wine taps along with flexible furniture and technology screens. Looking out off the mezzanine provides a vantage point overlooking the office giving one a true respect for the space and interior design.

DIALOG believes that great interior design should tell a story that draws on the character of the community. STAT’s new office design has raised the creative energy within the organization, allowing for better collaboration and a higher standard of work. For STAT, not only was the design of the office important to grow their business and energize their employees, but for the space tell their company story.

DIALOG’s expertise in designing tech firms has allowed the studio to work with world-renowned firms such as Sony, Microsoft, Intel, Electronic Arts, Vision Critical, AutoDesk, Mobify and Avigilon, to name a few.

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