AHAlife.com features Contexture Design

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New York-based AHAlife.com recently interviewed Vancouver-based Contexture Design about their award-winning Coffee Cuff and Bentwood rings….

Coffee Cuff Bracelet and Bentwood Rings designed by Contexture Design

Story by Ahalife.com

Curated by Olivia Bono

New York-based AHAlife.com recently interviewed Vancouver designers of Contexture Design, Trevor Coghill and Nathan Lee, about their award-winning Coffee Cuff and Bentwood rings. Curator Olivia Bono, an Expertise Green Buyer and Consultant, Attorney turned Founder of Juno and Jove, and eco-conscious fashion retailer, tells us why she can’t live without Contexture’s Coffee Cuff and Bentwood Ring.

Photo courtesy of Ahalife.com

Ahalife.com – Why did you curate the Coffee-Inspired Bracelet and Ring?

Olivia Bono: “I’m not even a coffee drinker and I heart this reusable java sleeve and cuff! They are practically unbreakable and I get loads of compliments every time I slip it off my wrist to receive my hot tea. The gorgeous wood species Contexture uses are bendable, beautiful and diverse. It’s a no-brainer gift for the fashion forward coffee lover.” Read More

Photo courtesy of Ahalife.com

Ahalife.com: What inspired you to create this product?

Contexture Design: Materials are very important to us. We’re often inspired by reclaimed materials with cultural or environmental significance. The Coffee Cuff and Bentwood Ring are both made form veneer offcuts sourced from local cabinetry shops. The woods are amazing and we were able to make something beautiful from waste material. Read More

Ahalife.com: How would you describe your aesthetic?

Contexture Design: Simple, elegant, and sustainable.

Thanks for featuring Contexture Design, Ahalife.com!