Contexture Design offers design sneak peek at IDSwest

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Award-winning Vancouver designers of Contexture Design, Trevor Coghill and Nathan Lee, are offering the public a sneak peek of their latest project at Vancouver’s annual design show IDSwest September 27 to 30.

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For Immediate Release – September 19, 2012

Contexture Design offers a sneak peek of their new birdhouse ‘The Chickadee’ at Vancouver’s premier design show IDSwest Sept. 27-30

Contexture Design’s photo contest offers a chance to win ‘The Chickadee’

Vancouver, B.C. – Award-winning Vancouver designers of Contexture Design, Trevor Coghill and Nathan Lee, are offering the public a sneak peek of their latest project at Vancouver’s annual design show IDSwest from September 27 to 30. The exhibit will feature a number of design prototypes of Contexture’s new birdhouse ‘The Chickadee’ and the public is invited to Instagram or tweet their favourite birdhouse to @ContextureDsgn for a chance to take one home. Visit Contexture’s facebook page for more details.

Named after its intended occupant, ‘The Chickadee’ is a cedar and ceramic birdhouse designed specifically for this tiny but hardy songbird. One particular version of the birdhouse is striped with colours that match the chickadee’s plumage, while others boast more vibrant hues.

While there are many birdhouses that are species-specific and others with modern aesthetics, Contexture co-founder Nathan Lee says that few manage to achieve both goals. “On a scientific level it’s about providing habitat; on an emotional level it’s about enjoying a beautiful object that keeps us connected to the natural cycles that go on in our cities.”

“Despite being found in cities and towns across North America, chickadees can still use our help when it comes to nesting time,” says Contexture co-founder Trevor Coghill.  “Invasive species like the House Sparrow conspire to take over other birds’ habitat,” he says.  “A carefully sized entrance hole can keep predators out. A few millimeters are enough to make a difference.”

Contexture’s installation of  ‘The Chickadee’ will be on display at the Vancouver Convention Centre for IDSwest from September 27 -30, and the designers’ welcome feedback on their prototypes through twitter at @ContextureDsgn. Contexture is working on a production version of ‘The Chickadee’ that it hopes to launch in time for Christmas.

For more information, visit the ‘The Chickadee online.

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Backgrounder: Contexture Design

Contexture is an award winning Vancouver-based multidisciplinary design firm with departments in product design, fabrication, and graphic art and design. The firm’s two designers, Nathan Lee and Trevor Coghill, are graduates of UBC’s Landscape Architecture program and have been working together since 2005. Their work emphasizes simple, elegant and sustainable design, and is often inspired by reclaimed materials with historical, cultural or environmental significance. Respect for materials and dedication to sustainable design has earned Contexture a reputation for intelligent, well-made products with the smallest possible footprint.

Contexture products include a line of wooden accessories featuring the ‘Coffee Cuff’, made from reclaimed architectural veneers, a ‘Mapbook’ and a line of wildlife-themed hanging mobiles including ‘As the Crow Files’, ‘Redfish’, and ‘Pollen Nation’, all made from found maps. Contexture has also introduced a line of ‘Cutout Cards’ that are made out of the laser-cut leftovers from their collection of hanging mobiles.

Contexture Design has been featured in The New York Times Style Magazine, Spin, Plenty, Fashion Magazine, and the Globe and Mail, to name a few, and has appeared on CBC Radio and TV. Contexture has won numerous awards including ‘Eco Designer of the Year’ in the 2011 Western Living Design Awards, ‘Ones to Watch’ in the Western Living Designer of the Year Award in 2010, and the Design Exchange Award for Industrial Design in 2008 for their mobile, ‘As the Crow Flies’. Additionally, Contexture has participated in design-related events such as IDSwest and the West Xprssd exhibit of emerging Western Canadian designers, and their work has been shown at the Museum of Vancouver and at the Royal Ontario Museum as part of the Toronto International Design Festival.


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