DESIGNLINES features Contexture Design’s ‘Cutout Cards’

Posted by: on Nov 29, 2011 | No Comments

The Winter issue of Toronto’s Ultimate Guide to Design includes Vancouver-based Contexture Design’s beautiful ‘Cutout Cards’ as  part of their Paper Design feature. Thank you, DESIGNLINES.

Contexture Design’s beautiful handmade ‘Cutout Cards’ are made out of the laser-cut leftovers from our collection of hanging mobiles. The cutouts are trimmed and glued to a black, red, or white background before being attached to the heavy-weight cards. Inside is blank.

Contexture Design’s work emphasizes simple, elegant and sustainable design, and is often inspired by reclaimed materials with historical, cultural or environmental significance. Their projects transform waste into new products while maintaining a connection to the original source material.

Thank You DESIGNLINES ~ Visit Contexture Design